Socalcos do Bouro - Vinho Verde

On the slope of the Abbey, looking over the river Cávado and the Pousada de Santa Maria de Bouro, and where you overlook the dam Caniçada and the Gerês, lies the Quinta do Cruzeiro, a space that is part of the history and rural and viticultural heritage of the village of Santa Maria Bouro and the county of Amares.

The designation, "Quinta do Cruzeiro", is necessarily associated to the natural and secular stone cruise located in the antechamber of the gateway, which was placed there at a date that is lost in the memory of time, as if to receive and to welcome the visitors.

In the "Quinta do Cruzeiro" was born and lived Father Francisco de Almeida Antunes, Chaplain of the Confraternity of St. Benedict of Our Lady of Abadia, he combined the functions with the one of a primary school teacher. He was distinguished by uninterrupted and uncompromising struggle for democracy and against dictatorship.

It was by the hands of João de Deus Martins Antunes de Almeida, who succeeded in the ownership of the farm, that there was the conversion of farm to a vineyard and to the wine production, breaking with the traditional techniques and methods. And thanks to his vision, labor and persistence, that one of the first brands of green wines in the municipality of Braga was created - "JOÃO DE DEUS" - in which essence and pattern the wine was drunk and is drunk which currently is produced in the same farm - "SOCALCOS DO BOURO " – “Terraces of Bouro”.

The farm, predominantly occupied by vineyards, is developed by terraces, a soil feature that gave its name to the wine produced in the "Quinta do Cruzeiro" - "SOCALCOS DO BOURO" – “Terraces of Bouro”.

The excellent sun exposure, the features of the soil and the microclimate of the region form a unique terroir, which is discovered and is felt by the aromatic notes of the wines.

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